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First off, thank you for reading our articles, watching our videos, and interest in showing your support. We are and independent news site that exclusively covers Fisker. Fiskerati is our passion project. We follow all-things Fisker and are honored to bring you news and stories each day.

Fiskerati is growing by leaps and bounds. Each month, more than 125,000 people visit our site and forums. As a result, expenses are rapidly increasing each month. The growth is incredible, but this is becoming an expensive hobby!

Instead of serving ads on the site, we’re going to try a different approach. You can show your support and keep the site ad-free by joining the Club. We aspire to turn The Club into a worldwide Fisker Ocean car club in 2023. You can become a founding member today!

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Club members unlock access to exclusive members-only benefits. We hope there is a subscription plan that’s right for you. Join now on YouTube if you watch our videos or subscribe below using PayPal by selecting a monthly or annual subscription plan below. Alternatively, you can make a one-time donation if that works better for you.

Club BenefitsSportUltraExtremeThe One
Custom loyalty badges*XXXX
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Member shout-outs*XXX
Exclusive Fiskerati ForumXXX
Early access to new videosXXX
Exclusive members-only videosXXX
Members-only live streamsXXX
Guest host live streamsXX
Virtual video collaborationsXX
Publish guest articlesX
Named sponsorX
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*Club benefits only available through YouTube, all others available through Fiskerati Forums where noted.
**See FAQ below about purchasing the Sport plan through PayPal vs. YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you offering Club memberships?
We refuse to run ads on the Fiskerati site, mobile apps, and forums to keep them clean and focused on the content. However, this is turning out to be an expensive hobby. Instead of serving ads right now, which no one likes, we’re taking a different approach by creating the Club by Fiskerati. You can show your support by joining the Club today.

Why don’t you serve ads on the site?
We believe ads degrade the customer experience. Also, we don’t have complete control of which ads are served on our site. That means you could see Fisker’s competitors displaying ads next to the Ocean or PEAR. Serving ads will be our last resort. You can help by joining the Club and selecting a plan that fits your monthly budget.

What will Club proceeds be used for?
Proceeds from the Club will fund operations, improve the customer experience, and release new products and features. For example, we will upgrade our hosting provider and find other ways to optimize content on the site. The Club will be a launchpad for some exciting offerings in the future such as a worldwide Fisker Ocean car club.

Why do you offer subscriptions through both YouTube and PayPal?
We want to give supporters the most options to join the Club by Fiskerati. Also, not everyone is on YouTube. However, YouTube offers the most perks including custom loyalty badges and emojis, member shout-outs, and members-only live streams. If you’re a YouTube user, select this option. Otherwise join the Club by using PayPal, which offers both monthly and annual subscription options.

What if I don’t join the Club by Fiskerati?
Nothing! You are not required to join the Club by Fiskerati. We’ll continue to do what we do. However, at some point we may need to serve ads if we’re not able to cover our monthly costs.

How many Club members do you need to keep the site ad-free?
Our goal is to reach 500 Club members by the end of the year. This will allow us to fund operations for the site each month. It will also give us some extra capital to introduce new features and further develop the site.

What if I want to make a donation instead?
You can make a donation directly through our PayPal account. Your donation will help fund operations of Fiskerati and improve the customer experience. You can use this donate link to make a donation today.

Can I join on YouTube with an annual membership?
No, at this time YouTube does not offer annual plans. Annual membership is ONLY through PayPal. However, if you sign up through PayPal, you don’t receive the YouTube benefits (e.g., custom badges and emojis). If those are important to you, sign up through YouTube.

**Why doesn’t the Sport plan purchased through PayPal have any benefits?
We recommend purchasing the Sport plan through YouTube. However, the Sport plan purchased through PayPal is a way for you to setup recurring monthly contribution to help fund Fiskerati. Every plan helps fund the growth and customer experience of Fiskerati. We thank you for your recurring monthly contribution.

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Join The Club

Show your support and unlock access to exclusive members-only benefits by joining the Club today.

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