Replacing Our Tesla Wall Connector with Wallbox Pulsar Plus Home EV Charger

Today, we’re evaluating the Wallbox Pulsar Plus home charger, which Fisker generously provided us. This home EV charger replaces our Tesla Wall Connector, which served us well during the last two years with our previous electric vehicle. It has been almost a week since we swapped out our Tesla Wall Connector and installed the Fisker branded Wallbox home EV charger. Up to now, we have charged our Fisker Ocean approximately five times, connecting the charger to our electric SUV at the end of each day. Using it has proven to be exceedingly straightforward—simply plug the charger into the Fisker Ocean, and it operates flawlessly as intended.

Making The Charging Switch

Our Fisker Ocean being charged by the Wallbox Pulsar Plus home EV charger.
Our Fisker Ocean being charged by the Wallbox Pulsar Plus home EV charger.

After taking delivery of our Fisker Ocean, we connected it to our existing Tesla Wall Connector for charging. Initially, we utilized a Tesla to J1772 charging adapter along with our Tesla Wall Connector for three weeks. This setup successfully charged our Fisker Ocean, but it had limitations. We were not fully benefiting from one of the key advantages of electric vehicle ownership: scheduled charging. By charging during super off-peak hours, we can reduce our energy costs for powering our electric SUV.

Regrettably, we couldn’t make use of scheduled charging or access charging statistics using the Tesla Wall Connector with our non-Tesla electric vehicle. It’s possible that this was due to user error. However, the Tesla mobile app completely stopped working when we sold our Tesla Model 3. Previously, we had used the Tesla app and the central touchscreen inside the Model 3. The sofware allowed us to set up scheduled charging during super off-peak hours. We also had access to review charging statistics, which were no longer available to us. With those functionalities no longer accessible, we pursued an alternative solution.

The recommended home EV charging solution for the Fisker Ocean is the Pulsar Plus charger. This universal level 2 charger offers adjustable capacity ranging from 16A to 40A. It iscompatible with nearly any electric SUV that uses the Combined Charging System (CCS). The Wallbox Pulsar Plus boasts a minimalist design, weather-proof durability, and robust charging capabilities. This makes it the ideal level 2 charging solution for plugging in our Fisker Ocean at home. Once the installation is complete, the process is as straightforward as plugging in any appliance into an electrical outlet.

Unboxing and Installation

In the above YouTube video, we demonstrate the unboxing of the Wallbox Pulsar Plus home charger and discuss its installation process. The Pulsar Plus 40A charger enables a convenient NEMA 14-50 plug installation. However, as we had previously invested around $1,400 in having a Tesla Wall Connector installed, most of the demanding work had already been completed. Setting up the Fisker Wallbox charger turned out to be a relatively minor project, although we required some assistance. Despite an estimated 30-minute timeframe, the task took us approximately 1.5 to 2 hours to finish including minor drywall repair.

For the new charger, we decided to proceed with a hardwired installation, consistent with our previous EV home charger setup. Two options were available for implementing this method with the new charger. The charger itself provides two entry points for connecting the 6-gauge copper electricity wire – one at the rear and another at the bottom. This gave us the choice of either concealing the 6-gauge copper wire and installing a new wall outlet for the rear entry point or rerouting our existing conduit to utilize the bottom entry point for connecting the 6-gauge copper wire. We chose for the first approach since it would offer the cleanest look.

Scheduled Charging, Real-Time Stats and Notifications

After using the Wallbox Pulsar Plus charger for a week, we have determined that it is the best option for our lifestyle driving less than 100 miles per day. The myWallbox app enhances this charging solution significantly, enabling us to remotely connect to the charger in our garage. This connection is established through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, allowing us to control the Pulsar Plus using our smartphone. Thanks to the charging app, we have been able to set up charging schedules.

Currently, we have configured two schedules: one for weekdays (Monday through Friday, 12 am to 6 am) and another for weekends (Saturday and Sunday, 12 am to 2 pm). These schedules align with the super off-peak times outlined in our Time of Use (TOU) electricity plan. This is particularly convenient, especially considering that the Fisker Ocean does not yet support scheduled charging. According to Fisker, the scheduled charging feature is anticipated to be available by the end of the year. However, with this specific charging solution in place, it’s really not needed.

Additionally, the Wallbox app allows us to monitor the charging progress of our Fisker Ocean and view real-time energy statistics. We are able to observe the precise amount of energy drawn from the grid to charge our electric vehicle. It also shows cost per charging session and total kWh by week, month, and year. Notably, the charging speed is slightly slower compared to our Tesla Wall Connector. This is due to the 32A maximum charging capability of our Fisker Ocean’s on-board charger. On average, we are seeing charging speeds of around 6 kWh, factoring in both the energy used by the vehicle and the typical losses in transmission between the charger and the vehicle.

Our Take: Easy to Use, Perfect for Our Lifestyle

Our transition from the Tesla Wall Connector to the Wallbox Pulsar Plus Home EV Charger has proven to be a success. The Fisker Ocean’s compatibility with the Pulsar Plus has enabled us to make the most of scheduled charging, a feature we couldn’t fully access with the Tesla setup. With the myWallbox app facilitating remote control and real-time monitoring, managing our charging schedules has become effortless. This has allowed us to take full advantage of our Time of Use electricity plan’s super off-peak hours, significantly reducing energy costs.

Given our positive experience, we can confidently recommend the Wallbox Pulsar Plus Home EV Charger to fellow EV owners, especially those who drive moderate distances daily and have the opportunity to take advantage of off-peak charging. Its ease of use, compatibility with various EVs, and future-forward features make it a perfect fit for our lifestyle. As the EV market continues to evolve, having a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly charging solution like the Wallbox Pulsar Plus becomes increasingly essential.

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6 thoughts on “Replacing Our Tesla Wall Connector with Wallbox Pulsar Plus Home EV Charger

  1. 6kwh? Yikes…that’s like 18+ hours for a full (not that you’d ever) charge right? Isn’t that pretty slow for a modern EV?

  2. I am one of the first 5000 customers. Waiting patiently for my delivery, number about 2000. My question is on the Wallbox charger. Do I get it it as part of the vehicle delivery or do I purchase it on my own?
    Thanks. dilip patel

    1. Thanks for your message Dilip. No charger comes with the Fisker Ocean. Chargers are sold separately. Fisker branded chargers are only sold in the Fisker Shop. Similar Wallbox chargers are available for purchase directly on Amazon, at COSTCO, or your local Best Buy.

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