Over 1,000 Wallbox Supernova DC Fast Chargers Sold Worldwide

Wallbox’s next-generation Supernova DC fast charger demonstrates strong global demand and customer commitment.

Wallbox's next-generation Supernova DC fast charger.
Wallbox’s next-generation Supernova DC fast charger.

Today, Wallbox reached an important milestone selling over 1,000 units of its industry-leading Supernova DC fast chargers, which it introduced last year. The company has successfully sold Supernova to more than 80 customers in 30 countries, showcasing the rapid adoption of Wallbox’s innovative technology. This technology not only enhances reliability but also offers a flexible power upgrade path. Wallbox’s next-generation DC fast charger, Supernova, has been specifically designed to meet the industry’s demand for reliable and efficient public charging, benefiting both electric vehicle drivers and chargepoint operators.

Wallbox Targets North American Market and Power Configurations

Enric Asunción, the co-founder and CEO of Wallbox, stated that his company has achieved a significant accomplishment in a relatively short period of time. Within just over a year, they have accomplished what typically takes other companies three to four years. They have successfully introduced and expanded their innovative DC fast charger, which has become one of the leading platforms in the market. They have received commitments from customers for more than 12,000 units.

The Wallbox CEO went on to share that this milestone highlights the demand from customers for a reliable, cost-efficient, and flexible solution to address a complex issue. Asunción is optimistic about the future, as they plan to further expand the presence of their product, Supernova, into the North American market later this year. They also aim to offer new configurations of power and hardware, including NACS, CCS, and CHAdeMO. Additionally, Wallbox commits to providing top-notch installation, maintenance, and support services.

“We have achieved in a little more than a year, what has taken most companies three or four years to accomplish. We’ve introduced and scaled our innovative DC fast charger into one of the leading platforms in the market today, with customer commitments of more than 12,000 units. Reaching this important milestone highlights our customer’s need for a reliable, cost efficient, and flexible approach to solving a complex issue. I’m excited about what is to come, as we continue to expand Supernova’s market presence into North America later this year, offer new configurations of power and hardware, including NACS, CCS, and CHAdeMO, and provide leading installation, maintenance, and support.”

Enric Asunción, Co-Founder and CEO, Wallbox

During morning trading, Wallbox shares were lower by $0.20 (-5.19%), at $3.74 per share on .

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