Fisker Files Quarterly Report, Fisker Ocean UK Lease Program, & Two New Owner Meetups

Fisker has successfully submitted its quarterly report, achieving compliance with the NYSE Listed Company Manual, while also unveiling a new lease program in the UK as we introduce new Fisker Ocean owner meetups.

Fisker Hits Milestone: Delivering 107 Oceans in a Single Day

Fisker achieves a one-day delivery milestone through its new distribution strategy, yielding a $7.5 million revenue achievement in a single day, setting the pace for Q4 2023.

Now Open: Fisker Lounge NYC

Fisker Lounge NYC officially open, allowing New Yorkers to immerse themselves in the East Coast experience center to explore the Fisker Oceans up close, get expert advice from Fisker advisors, and take test drives right in the heart of Manhattan.

Unpacking the Fisker Ocean: A Banana Box Cargo Test

Putting the Fisker Ocean’s cargo space to the banana box test.