How Many Email Invites Have Been Sent to Pre-Order Fisker Ocean One

Henrik Fisker takes to social media speaking directly to reservation holders that received email invites to pre-order Fisker Ocean One. Today, we wrote about why we pre-ordered the Fisker Ocean One. Not long after our post, Henrik Fisker took to social media. In a video post, Henrik speaks to those Continue Reading

Why I Pre-Ordered My Fisker Ocean One

Here is the honest truth why I pre-ordered the Fisker Ocean One and believe deep down this will resonate with many of our readers. You may be wondering why I pre-ordered the Fisker Ocean One or in general why anyone would pre-order the launch edition. For everyone, the decision is Continue Reading

Fisker Announces Fisker Finance, a Digital Financing Platform

Fisker Finance is a digital financing platform offering customers seamless and convenient loan purchase options and here’s how it works. Today, Fisker announced a new digital financing platform. The new platform is Fisker Finance. It is a direct-to-consumer digital financing platform. For instance, it will be used for customers to Continue Reading